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CAIRNS AUSTRALIA, the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, is a fun city in tropical Far North Queensland Australia. Cairns CBD, lined with cafés , shops, bars and good restaurants, has a swimming lagoon with sweet water looking at the ocean, is a great fun for everyone. 
GoHolidayEze.com went to Cairns to check it out. And of course their main goal was to scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef! Come and see what happened: After arriving/landing in Cairns Airport we went to nice and affordable accommodation. It has a pool and clean rooms, and what do you know, they serve breakfast as well. Yum! Cairns is a hot place so we had a swim at their pool, not forgetting to have shower before and after as pools can really make the skin itchy and dry.

After breakfast we walked a thirty minutes walk to town and hired a small car. We drove up to what Australians call the Tablelands. It’s a very high piece of land far above Cairns. There I felt like I’m in a different world, the air was clean and nature was amazingly beautiful. There’s something very special about the Tablelands, kind of a different vibes and very relaxing.

We visited two kinds of waterfalls up in the Tablelands. Both of them were on the main road. The main road starts at Carins and go up the Tablelands then returns to Carins from the other end. A good thing to do is to grab a map from the information centre, Australia has them in every town! Now again it was a warm day so we might as well go for a swim right? The falls are easy to access by foot, and the water is soft and cool. There are more young people then families at the water falls, so I guess its better to go without the kids as it can be stressful and dangerous if the kids cannot swim.  

On another occasion we decided to check out Crains pubs, a local man that we met one night told us that we have to eat at the Cock & Bull pub, that’s where the local go to eat. When we got there we were very pleased. Great beer and the value of meals was really good. We shared one meal because the size of it was great, and the price was low which made it even better. We also ate pizza and bought fruits at the supper market. 

Then the time came to go scuba diving! So exiting I tell you. There’s plenty of choices to make when it comes to go diving over there in Crains, but I remembered that one time a friend of mine had suggested to me that I should take the Silver boat, because it sails to the outer reefs, and because the food on board is really good. We quickly find a diving trip shop next to the lagoon in town. The lagoon is a large pool at the centre of town/city and its free of charge. They have lockers and toilets beside it, and plenty of shaded area. They also have BBQ area’s with good music playing from speakers hiding in the pagodas above it. It’s clean fun and a relaxing place. What an awesome idea, I wish every town had a lagoon! The world would be a better place isn’t it?

Before walking into the shop to get our diving tickets, I mentioned about my friend and the silver boat story. A short discussion later we chose the Silver Boat and bought tickets. The excitement was surly building up I tell you.

O the ocean, the reef, my life, sometimes I make good choices I think to myself. But sometime I really don’t, so luckily that one was a good choice, because now I have a lovely story to share.  And look, the Silver boat is cool and there’s comfortable sofas and ocean views, what els can a person want in life? On the veranda its great to have the wind blow your hair under the warm sun, and great views. When we got to the reef I could tell this diving will be extraordinary. I mean the colours and the crystal clear waters, it only got better and better.   

After twenty minutes of sailing far from the land we arrived at the spot the captain said is perfect to dive. We all put on scuba diving gear and like penguins we all slid in. Personally I love diving, and in Cairns diving is on another level. Good food, good captain and good crew makes the  diving at the Great Barrier Reef an enjoyable time indeed. The water were cool and refreshing. You see for some the sailing experience can be unsettling in the belly area, so hoping into clean ocean water settles all the yucky feeling again. Another great service they have on the boat is a scuba photographer that came with the vessel, he took photos of us while we enjoyed a play with the local turtles! Later after we done three scuba diving and two snorkelling, finished relaxing time and done with our food, the photographer placed all the photos on the wall and said that we can purchase a CD from him. That was cool because we could see what the other people were enjoying while we played with the big fish.

The Boat we took is called SILVER. We recommend it! When you go into the diving/travel shops ask to buy their tickets. Then you can walk like we did, or you can grab a taxi to the harbour where the boat and its crew will wait for you to arrive. We also recommend you buy some pills to keep your stomach in bay from the pharmacy. There were some people who vomited because they got sea sick. After jumping into the ocean they were all fine though. But maybe you can get sick who knows? Therefore ten dollars can save you twenty minutes of being sea sick.

So what can I say really? Cairns a fun city! Good value for money, and plenty of stuff to do. We really recommend that you go check it out. There are good clothes shops as well as pubs and restaurants, but beside of buying good quality flip flops, we didn’t spend much time shopping this time.   

So I hope you enjoyed this blog! We did. 


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