We are a Search_Engine for Flights Ticket and Hotels Worldwide,
We enjoy promoting great deals, and supporting our customers in saving money. Our goal is to expand our database and find innovating ways to match customers with deals they love.
We live a healthy lifestyle and we promote healthy being in our content. A healthy lifestyle is a free and important choice that enhances our well being. We love sharing ways to enjoy life with our customers.
To do our job we have connected with big companies that have thousands of hotels, hostels, anything that accomodate travellers, and Air Lines around the world who sell their Best Deals Online. Currently we work with Hotel Combined, Go City Card, Hostel World, Jet Radar, Travel Pay Out, Air Help, and others. We always look to expand our means of connecting costumers to deals they love. We also work with freelancers around the world who write articles for us. Their experiences in traveling, and perspectives help shape our understanding. It gives that extra value to our customers which makes us feel good.
We love knowing that we make people happy, and we want to continue doing it using GoHolidayEze.com medium.

Our Services: 

1. Booking Cheap Hotel Deals Online 
2. Cheap Flight Tickets Online

3. Many other useful links to help make your travel fun and sweet. 


How We Operate:

Our work combined with Freelancers who write good content Blogs and optimise our Online Rating. Normally we will use FB Twitter and other small local listings to promote great deals. The Hotels and Flight company’s pay us to promote them, so we are able to have constant Cheap Deals in real time, which we promote to you.


Our Editor:

Assaff Eisenberg, he runs a FB page where he posts cheap hotel and flight deals online, and much more! Make sure to follow him on Facebook today, https://www.facebook.com/assaff.eisenberg


Our Oppression Style:

GoHolidayEze.com can be operated from anywhere in the world, though we are based currently at Lismore NSW Australia. So if its sunny we might work from the beach. And when its cold we will work from home or a comfy coffee shop, or the office.

Now Goholidayeze.com is a search_engine and is mostly powered by HC Affiliate. At GoHolidayEze.com we find you the best deals available online at real time. So in one click GoHolidayEze.com will present the cheap deals on your screen and connect you with the location the deal came from. So one click and you get the cheapest deals available from literally all the hotel bookings in that part of the world you planing to go to. Now that’s power!

Goholidayeze.com is a great search_engine both for hotels & flights. Because it was set up in such a way that you get your holiday needs met in one place. GoholidayEze.com was created to make life a little bit more easier.


Work Days:

Mon-Fri and on occasion Sunday as well.
(We work hard to make sure we get things done as soon as possible).


Thank You
The Team at GoHolidayEze.com.