Vacation in Byron Bay

Here are 10 things you must do when staying in Byron Bay


Written by: Antonio Joa

Does the wanderlust inside want you to set out for an exotic new destination? Are you tired of the cold weather and bored with being indoors? Are you waiting to soak in the cozy sun? Want to don your summer shorts and bikinis and get a hot tan? Longing to roam around some beautiful beach with your gang? Sounds so exciting! Doesn’t it guys? Get a break from your life’s monotony! Get rid of all your blues surrounded by the blues of the beautiful sea at Byron Bay. There is so much to do here, let’s explore:

“All the Beach babies are welcome here!”

Truly an enchanting destination, Byron Bay stands as the most sought after tourist location in Oceania. This breathtaking town in New South Wales, Australia is famous for its gorgeous beaches. The place has over nine stunning beaches. It is termed as a haven for backpackers across the globe because of its artistic setting. Byron bay is a lovely place to spend time whether you want to escape for a romantic outing with your partner or have a fun time with buddies.

“Adventure junkies; be ready with some Surf Boards!!”

Another alluring fact about Byron Bay is that it is very ideal for surfing, scuba diving, and snorkelling. You can find a lot of professional surfers around here. Immerse yourself completely in nature’s divine beauty as you dive into the sea and explore the water world. Scuba diving is indeed an experience of a lifetime. It transcends you to another universe. You can also enjoy sea kayaking with your friends.

“Famous Byron Lighthouse”

If you visit Byron Bay, you have to go to the lighthouse as it is one of Australia’s most beautiful lighthouses, Built at the start of the 20th century this lighthouse has a lot of history and a perfect place to watch the sunrise and sunset. You can whale watch on one side of the lighthouse and the other side you can just watch the beautiful landscape. Instagram will not be ready for all your amazing posts.

Amazing Killen Falls

Many young tourists come to Byron because of Killen Falls, this small town harbours the most mystical falls that quiet and secluded. Located 20mins from town is the most beautiful oasis you can find. This 10 m waterfall has a swimming hole and also a cave underneath.

It’s a small swimming hole with a 10 m waterfall that also has a cave underneath it

Something Fishy here!

`Byron bay also offers a good fishing experience if you like to go fishing in the sea and find a mighty catch. With cheap hotel deals, you too can enjoy your favourite adventures at the lowest rates.

“Go wild with the ocean wildlife here”

As we know Australia is popular for the diversity of flora and fauna, Byron Bay also possesses a variety of unique sea creatures. From sea turtles, dolphins, whales to koalas, you can see many animals thriving in their natural habitat. Go swimming or hiking and witness the wild beauty unfolds.

There are special tours for whale watching in Byron Bay from June to November where you can witness the humongous Humpback whales. You can also find a once in a lifetime opportunity to swim with the whales along with a guide.

A very interesting activity to indulge in is the Night Vision walk. Where through the hinterland of Byron Bay, wearing your night-vision glasses you can catch glimpse of glow-worms, frogs, owls, and koalas during the night. Sounds so amazing!!

“A taste of the Hippie culture”

Byron Bay is loved by hippies around the world. The hippie village of Nimbin is also worth visiting. You can have some unconventional conversations with the surrounding people. Forget the rules and regulations feel free and happy!

“Rock-and-roll the whole night long!”

The nightlife of Byron bay will leave you charmed. With a lot of great pubs and restaurants, you can engage with your favourite cocktails and taste the mouth-watering seafood made with refreshing herbs. Enjoy wonderful drinks and dance to great tunes at the local clubs and discos with your pals.

Byron bay ensures complete entertainment for everyone. You can find the most inexpensive restaurants and pubs here.

Byron bay also has relaxing meditation retreats and spas where you can forget all your worries and rejuvenate yourself completely.

Go visit the Amazing Farmers Market

The Farmers market at Byron Bay has grown quite astronomically considering it has become quite the tourist attraction. You can purchase fresh produce and you can emerge yourself in the local culture. Besides, produce you can find other items for sale; there is also live music and overall is just a great social gathering of very happy people. Thursday 8-11 am is when the farmers market is open.

The Skydive Of a Lifetime

Skydiving at Byron Bay has become one of the most activities to do there. To all those thrill-seekers out there this is the place for you to be. the views while you skydive are magnificent and you won’t find anywhere else. You can see everything from miles away, all the landscapes; it should be a Must-do on your bucket list.

Finding cheap hotel deals for your trip

Visiting Byron bay sounds so appealing after learning about all the delightful things it has got to offer. The cheap Hotel deals will help you plan a dream vacation of a lifetime. The month with the best weather to visit Byron bay is from September to November.

One of the biggest head-aches while planning a trip is to ensure you book the best hotel. So while you are planning a trip to Byron Bay you can find cheap hotel deals that will suit your needs. So, for the rest of your trip, all you’ll have to worry about is emerging yourself in the Byron Lifestyle of living. Friends! I know you are eager to get on the next flight to Byron Bay! Indeed, it is worth it! The waves are calling out to you. So now that you know we understand you, come and find your Cheap Accommodation in Byron Bay With Us!

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