Ways to Protect Yourself from Covid19

Written by: team_aldous

As each day passes, the number of people infected with Covid19 grows. With not enough testing equipment available all over the world, it only looks to be growing. It has been recently declared a worldwide pandemic by President Trump and there does not seem to be a solution for it anytime soon. Of course, we must buy essentials so we will eventually travel and do groceries. Here are a few ways to protect yourselves from COVID-19:

Educate yourself

You must know everything there is to know about COVID-19. With almost the entire world on lockdown, you must read videos about it. It is going to be deadly for older adults that have other diseases such as pneumonia, diabetes, and cancer. Thus, if you think you have it then you better isolate yourself from the rest of the world. The sooner you find out how to protect yourself from COVID-19, the better it would be.

Wear N95 Mask

The purpose of the N95 mask is so that you won’t touch your face when you sneeze.

The hands may be full of germs and it could go to your face.

Unfortunately, this could increase the chances of you getting the disease.

The only time you should remove the N95 mask is when you will need to use your mouth to eat or drink. Otherwise, it would be advisable to keep it on until the disease is gone. Thus, better make sure it is breathable.

Wash Hands

There is a reason why almost all groceries have no more alcohol.

That is alright as you can simply wash your hands for at least 25 seconds.

You better make sure you wash your entire hands and leave no part unwashed. It is alright to do it several times in one day as long as you feel confident about your safety.

Do Social Distancing

When you decide to go out of your house, better distance yourself from other people.

You never know which one of them has this virus as there are some people who are asymptomatic.

When you are used to seeing your loved ones, it would be better to keep your distance from them.

You never know who is the carrier and it would be best to prevent the spread of the virus by not being too close from them. They will certainly understand especially if they are old enough.

When people don’t take this seriously, they will end up having it. Thus, better do everything in your power to avoid getting COVID-19. There are people who will think they have a high immune system so they won’t get it. If that is true, then how come NBA players such as Kevin Durant and Rudy Gobert already have it?

The best solution for everyone is to just stay home and wait for this to be over. Like they say, this too shall pass and eventually it will. The problem is we don’t know how long because the number of cases just keeps on growing.

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