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Vacation in Byron Bay

If you are in search of a popular beach holiday destination, then you can definitely consider Byron Bay. It is a coastal town in the South-Eastern Australian State of New South Wales. The place is known for its endless beaches and is a great attraction for scuba divers and surfers. There is a lighthouse at the State Conservation Park from where you can spot whales. The cool people in Byron Bay are known for serving great food and playing live music.

Byron Bay is a coastal town in the Southeastern Australian State of New South Wales. It’s a popular holiday destination, known for its beaches, surfing and scuba diving sites. Also very good Golf Course.

Cape Byron State Conservation Park is on a headland with a lighthouse. Between June and November, the humpback season, whales will be spotted from viewpoints such as the Byron Lighthouse.

Byron Bay’s endless beaches and reliable surf breaks and they have been attracting surfers for ages. There are great coffee shops, and food places. Amazing atmosphere and cool people are what makes Byron Bay so unique. 

Make sure to enjoy the Rails and Main Beach pubs. They serve live music and great food.

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