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When you’re headed out on a vacation or business trips, the last thing you need is to feel tired or run down. With these 7 tips to beat a jet lag, you’re sure to stay alert and ready for your entire trip.

1. Keep your life style the same
When you’re not traveling for long, you can usually avoid jet lag by sticking to your normal routines. Keep your watch set to your ‘home’ time and just do what you’d normally do at home, i.e. eat the same, sleep the same, exercise the same. And your body won’t even notice a time change. Just remember to do the same readjustment on the way back.

2. Sleep like a baby
Even when you’re traveling outside of your normal time zone, try to stick to tip no 1. While you might have troubles at first few hours, at list focus on getting the same number of hours of sleep per sleep, if it makes sense? This way it will help your body adjust as a day or two roll by. Even if you can’t fall asleep right away, try to get into bed and close your eyes. You can meditate on your goals for example. Just make sure you give your body rest, even if your mind is awake. Eventually your entire self will pick up the clue and you’ll get all the sleep that you need. It is logical and it works.

3. Stay hydrated

I covered this on another blog 3 things you need to do, to Arrive Fresh As A Daisy    But many times jet lag can be made worse by becoming dehydrated on your trip, and especially if you’re headed there on the plane, because of the aircon that makes so dry and cold. To combat this you’ll want to make sure that you’re drinking plenty of fluids as you travel—water and juices, hydrated sports drinks especially. Now alcohol can dehydrate the body so it should be better avoided. And if you’re expected to drink at a business function, just don’t go over the top, it’s not worth it.

4. In Greece act like a Greek 
When you’re headed into areas where the time changes significantly, and you know you are going to stay for a long howl, you’ll want to start following the local hours quickly. You’ll want to eat when the local eat, and you’ll want to sleep when you supposed to sleep. By deliberately changing the routine that you’re used to into the new hours, you’ll be surprised about the different outcome you get if you were to flow with it so to speak . 

5. Do some sort of exercise before arriving
One of the best ways to avoid jet lag is to do some form of exercise before you arrive at your destination. This can be as simple as stoping the car and walking a little or do a few Yoga postures at your hotel room when you arrive. See our blog post 4 Yoga Ways When Traveling With Kids to take some great tools for good wholesome exercises. Or do a few jumping jacks to get your heart pumping. When your body gets exercise, it can ‘bank’ the extra energy and help you adapt to changing conditions.

6. Use forms of help  from nature 
Maybe you are more a person who likes aromatherapy. If so then get a good travel kits that includes oils or tiger balms that you can smell for stimulation or for relaxation like lavender for example. 

That was 6 Tips To Beat a Jet Lag, And I hope you’d enjoy it

Thank you.

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