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Everyone want a cheaper air ticket so that their travel become low cost. If you want to get the cheapest air tickets, read the following tips:

  1.  Shop in the Internet: This is the most convenient way of checking air tickets’ prices. You won’t have to canvass travel agencies. Some internet sites including ours, is offering internet only discounts that you can benefit from if you avail of their services.
  2. Don’t travel During Peak season: Airlines tend to increase ticket prices during Peak travel season due to the increase in demand. Traveling during low season is also advantageous if you want to avoid airport and tourist spot crowds. If you really have to travel during peak season, consider leaving home early and going home late to avoid the rush.
  3. Never fly on weekends: If you’re planning a trip, plan to leave on weekdays, preferable Monday to Wednesday. Weekends are high traffic times for travellers, so it would probably cost you an additional $25-$40 increase which you can easily spend somewhere els.
  4. How long to Stay: Yes your travel stay also affects airline ticket prices. Airlines give discounts if you stay at least a week at your destination and return within 90 days.
  5. If you can, use the senior citizen discount: Some Airlines offer the same senior Citizen discount for the companions of the Senior Citizen. Ask if is available.
  6. The Early Bird gets the worm, or Airline Ticket: look for tickets around 12:01 am on Wednesday mornings if possible. This is when airlines release all the new fares and seat plans. You can be first and choose the best and cheapest tickets at this time.
  7. Consider a Connecting Flight: Contrary to popular belief, direct flights aren’t always the cheapest. Some people have saved up to $1000 dollars on booking connecting instead of Direct flights. If you don’t have a lot of luggage, and aren’t very particular with time, it is best, and a lot cheaper to book a connecting flight instead of direct.
  8. Buy tickets 3-5 months before your departure date: Some airlines offer discounts for early buyers. It’s also best to buy your tickets at least 20 days in advance to ensure the best seating possible, most discounted tickets sell out fast. You should also know that Airline Tickets are subject to price increase during Christmas season, buying early avoids further ticket increase.

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