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Most of people today will be flying an air bus, at list once every couple of years if not more. And almost everyone who does complain of feeling depleted. It can take up to two days to recover for most grown men and women. But the truth is that there’s a science behind it, and there’s a way to arrive fresh. Here are the 3 things you need to do, in order to arrive fresh as a daisy at your destination.  


1. Use sanitising lotion

Get yourself a Sanitising Lotion, and make sure you use it often. Flights and airports are bacteria soups and it can cause people feeling very bad, because we use our hands a lot. Our hands are becoming the “gates” to bacteria to climb on us, therefore using sanitary lotion often will kill 99.9% of those nasty creators. We will feel clean and we will stink less. Bacteria stink, that’s why people who don’t shower often stink. 

Use sanitizing lotion


2. Stay hydrated:

Get yourself Hydrating Powder, and make sure you get it in powder. Why? Because now days we are not allowed to enter the International sections of the airport with liquid bottles. Therefore we need to buy water, or if  we want to save money we can refill our empty bottle at the filtered water taps. What we ask is that you get a Hydrating Powder in the chemist before you go to the airport, and when you take off pour a bag into your water bottle. One thing it will do, it keep you hydrated and you’ll feel fresh. The other thing it will do, your body will hold it for longer.

You see, the water which is sold at the airports are completely sterilised, which means that all the minerals water usually carries is not there. When we drink sterilised water two things happen, one we always feel thirsty and two it runs through our system very quickly. Hydrating powder has salts and sugars our body need. That’s why sports people drink it when they do sport. We may not be sports people, but because airports and airplanes have air conditioner working 24/7 the air is very dry, so staying hydrate is very important. It will also make you feel much more relaxed.

 Stay hydrated

3. Brush your teeth often 

Get a Mini Tooth Brushing Kit, and brush your teeth often. We know that your day to day tooth paste and tooth brush is in the suitcase, so that’s why when you get to the gate area at the Airport international you’ll find that they sell mini tooth brushing kits. Get one! 

Almost everyone’s breath is going wild on airplanes. And because there’s usually not much time at the airport to deal with brushing teeth, its better to brush on the aircraft. They have hot water and when the lights are off and everyone asleep, there’s more privacy and you can take your time.   

Brush your teeth


So now that you know how to stay clean from bacteria and hydrated, you’ll arrive fresh at your destination! 



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