Written by Assaff,

The problem

Most people love a quick dive in the hotel pool. Especially the kids! And who can blame them?
But when we swim in a chlorinated pool, we expose our body to various chemicals. The most hazardous of them called the chloramine. A nasty, skin drying chemical. Now when chlorine enters in contact with organic materials, such as your kids bodies, it can cause all sorts of unwanted problems. Some of the most notorious problems are skin rushes, dryness, itchiness, eczemas and in extreme cases of over-exposure skin cancer, but that really rare. 

What to do

Very simple, it’s important to shower before and after swimming in a pool. However, a simple shower won’t remove chlorine as efficiently as a vitamin-C shower, which will remove up to 99.9 percent of chloramine.

So make sure you get a vitamin-C  shampoo and body wash. And remember to shower well before and after swimming in a pool. Simple

Thank you.

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