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In this blog I am going to present facts from my own understandings and experiences. My intention is for you to make an informed decision even if it meant you won’t be using GoHolidayEze’s services. Because the truth is , that some people will prefer using a travel agent while some will prefer using our services, and this I cannot control. It is totally up to each individual to decide which service suites them better. But honestly, I would really like it if you use our services here in GoHolidayEze.com , because I work here, and I would love it even greater if you follow us on FB, because I’ll be the one posting there!

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Why Travel Agency:

A travel agency will save you time. But they will search and buy the flights and hotels bookings that is most closer to the needs you have, without caring on saving you money!

One time I met with a couple, strangers, who lost their nephew in a car accident. Hard times indeed. We chatted along the way down town in a transfer cab, and I asked them if they heard about GoholidayEze.com. The lady mentioned that she travels a lot for work, and that she uses a travel agency each time. She said that if you stick to a travel agency for long period of time, then they will start looking for the cheaper deals for you. 

Also my own father used a travel agency to come and visit me from over seas. But recently he started buying the flights tickets online. He doesn’t need to book hotels or Air B&B etc’ because he stays with me, but he reckon that ever since he started using search engine rather then an agency, he saves money every time!

What I realised from hearing him is that even though travel agency do save time, that don’t necessarily save money. They cost their time plus whichever booking they choose for you. If you know an agent for a while then its great, but if you don’t know one, then it can be costly without you even realising it.  


Why GoHolidayEze.com :

First and foremost, the freedom of movement and speed of purchase. Which cannot be available when depending on a travel agency 

You see GoHolidayEze.com Will require of you to sit in front of your computer or mobile, and make your own decision from the resources that are available to you real time.  We will provide all the best deals available at your destination in one page. You won’t need to open 7 different new browsers. You will only be presented with the best Hotel or Flight deals which are available in Real Time at your chosen destination. 

Goholidayeze.com is a Search_Engine for Flights Ticket and Hotels World Wide. We enjoy promoting great deals, and supporting our costumers in saving money. Our goal is to expend our data base and find innovating ways to match customers with deals they love. 

We live a healthy life style and we promote healthy being in our content. A healthy life style is a free and important choice that enhances our well being. And we love sharing ways to really enjoy life with our customers.

To do our job we have connected with big companies that have thousands of hotels, hostels, anything that accomodate travellers, and Air Lines around the world who sell their Best Deals Online.  

Currently we work with Hotel Combined, Go City Card, Hostel World, Jet Radar, Travel Pay Out, Air Help, Booking.com, Agoda.com, Hotels.com, Expedia, and others. Connecting Travellers with Hotel Deals around the World in real time. And we always look to expand our means of connecting costumers to deals they need and love. 

We also work with freelancers around the world who write articles for us. Their experiences in traveling, and perspectives help shape our understanding. It gives that extra value to our costumers which makes us feel good. We love knowing that we make people happy, and we want to continue doing it using GoHolidayEze.com medium. 

And you always save minimum +100 dollars every time you search with us!

Now you see why I love working here at Goholidayeze.com? I can promote a Free and Good Travel Services that will blow your mind, and keep more real money in your pocket.

Okay now you are informed. You can choose to use GoHolidayEze.com or use a travel agency.  None is more valuable then the other. Its just two different services that operate differently. At the end both will get you a flight ticket and accommodation. 

So thank you for reading this sharing, and have a great travels!



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  1. I enjoy your services. And it does helps to have all the deals in one place.
    So thank you

    Kind Regards
    Noel H

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