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Zen is a self control in the midst of a messy world.

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If we want to be able to enter into a Zen while traveling, we will need to make sure that all the little and big needs are met first. Yes, its true. Like tickets, hotels, knowing the roads we going to take, time tables of our busses, trains etc’.  Because when we get on top of our responsibilities then we can let go and let yourself enter into Zen. Many people think that Zen requires living in a cave and be free of responsibilities. It is not true. There always going to be stress before the plant grows and the flower blossom.  

Life is mostly stressful. So in order to get Zen, we must make sure that everything which is in our responsibily is being met properly. So now let me give you the tip for your trip. Lets look at how you can truly get Zen on your travels,  

3 Things to Do to Get the Ze


1. Keep on top and be Focused.

We must know where we are going and how long we will stay there. That way we are in control of our space. Because if we are ‘wishy washy’ not knowing what we are doing, then every little thing will move us, and we will find ourselves out of control. It is simple as deciding. For example, you can decide that from Wednesday the 15Jun to Friday 3Jul you will just stay at XYZ hotel and go for long walks on the beach. You can decide that at that time you will explore healthy foods and read a new book. And that from 3Jul to 10Jul you will move on to ABC hotel and explore that towns night life. That way regardless of what you do, you do it mindfully. You choose to it. Can you feel how it can focus?   



2. Be open and gain Power.

To stay in a good Zen you’ll need to know exactly how you will get from A to B, and from B to C. You’ll also need to know exactly how much it is going to cost you. That way you will be in control of your movement and your cash flow. It might be a little boring to calculate, and be clear about the realities of your new expenses, and of trains flights taxies etc’.  But this way your mind will be clear and you’ll be empowered as you take control of your path and money. Doing so will awaken your exploration part of your brain, and will empower you as you gained control back of your money. 



3. Stay true. Truly connected. 

Stay honest with yourselves throughout the trip.  Ask yourself often, “What can afford, and what will I gain from it?”. It can be easy to rush into danger if you quick to drink too much. And its easy to allow ourselves to be pushed into peer pressure. If you’re feeling loanly or sad on your trip don’t hide it. Feel what is happening. Allow it to be. Don’t try to change what is. Trips can such us on many levels, and its important to let the energy flow. 

Being true to ourselves is a deep level of Zen. And only true Zen practitioners allow themselves to be true, even when it doesn’t suite another persons reality.  Being true also unravel our path in front of us. Being true is very Zen.  



So lets review what we’ve talking about here quickly, and then you can go on to be a true Zen Traveler. 

The first things we talked about is the need to keep on top of our travel. We understood that it focuses us and give us control of our journey. Now it may not suite others, and that’s totally fine. Everyone deserves to have their own opinions even if we don’t like them.  Then we understood that being open to many kinds of ways to get from one place to another will actually give us control over our money. And last we understood that acting true to what we are is a deep level we arrive at when we took care of the material, and we opened up for the journey. We realise that the real journey is opening up infant of our own eyes. We realise we are Zen.


Thank you! 

Assaff Eisenberg

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